UC Panthers WIN Final Game of the Season 31-24!

UCHS Football

Union County Panthers vs Lumpkin County Indians

Varsity Football

November 3, 2017

Location: Dahlonega, GA

The Panthers traveled over the mountain to the Lumpkin County Indians territory for the final game of the season!  It was Lumpkin County’s Senior Night, therefore, the stadium was packed!  Both banners at the opposite ends of the field read similar sayings — The Indians banner read, “Our School, Our Field, Our Game” and the Panthers read, “Your School, Your Field, Our Game.”

Similar to the previous Friday night’s game, Head Coach Brian Allison chose to let only 2 members of the team participate in the coin toss (#8 Cole Wright and #11 RJ Banton).  

Determined to rain on the Indians Senior Night parade, the Panthers scored first!   Senior QB #8 Cole Wright found #21 Sawyer Drake wide open near the mid-field.  Drake ran upfield like his life depended on it!  He ran for 64-yards up the left hand side giving the Panthers a 7-0 lead over the Indians with 10:55 left in the first quarter!

Eager to put some points on the scoreboard, the Indians rush downfield to the 44-yd line.  Then, when pressured to either try for a 1st down or a field goal, they chose the latter.  The Indians kicker, who I might add was truly gifted, put one straight through the posts increasing the score to 7-3 with 8:05 left in the first quarter.

To finish off the first quarter strong, the Panthers push their way upfield to place #8 Cole Wright into scoring position.  Once at the 11-yd line he then zig-zags his way up into the end zone to score once again!  14-3 Panthers to finish off the first!

As many sports fans would consider a good football game – the action was back-and-forth.  Literally.  The Indians rush over-and-over-and-over until they make it to the 1-yd line.  They then send one of their guys jumping into the end zone for their first touchdown of the evening!  The score now changes to 14-10; Panthers still in the lead with 6:00 left in the first half.

Senior #15 Cole Dockery scores the next touchdown of the game.  He dug his way for 7-yards to add 7 more points to the board.  21-10 Panthers with 1:22 left in the half!

Back with the ball in the third quarter – Panther #36 Brian Smith kicks a 21-yd field goal; increasing the score once again to 24-10 with 6:25 left in the third.

The Indians score twice more — evening the score out to 24-24 with 4:52 left in the fourth quarter!  The tension suddenly rises .. fans get quiet.  

#8 Cole Wright completely breaks the silence when he runs a kickoff return back for an 80-yd touchdown for the final touchdown of the night!!! 31-24 with 4:37 left in the fourth quarter.

Now the Lumpkin fans are on their toes in hopes that their players will tie the game up and force it into overtime.  BUT — that doesn’t happen.  Panthers #34 Brian Nelson catches an interception with 2:23 left in the game.  The Panthers then respectfully decide to hike-and-kneel on the two final plays of the game and run the clock out.

Final Score: PANTHERS 31 /// Indians 24

Panther fans go home happy as they’ve just tied their school record for the most wins in a season.  Their overall record being 6-4!  



Cole Wright: 12

Sawyer Drake: 7

Chad Buzzard: 7

Cole Dockery: 5

Kanon Hemphill: 4

Kyle Morlock: 4

Austin Pattee: 3

Noah Underwood: 1

Chayton Schafer: 1



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