Republicans Draw Large Crowd at Celebrate America in Blairsville

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Blairsville, GA – The Celebrate America event at the Blairsville Campus of the North Georgia Technical College on Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017, a joint effort by the Union County Republican Party and the Union/Towns County Tea Party, was a great success. Over a hundred people enjoyed hot dogs (what’s more American than that?), baked beans, coleslaw and cold beverages. Several Blairsville notables attended the event: GA St. Rep. Matt Gurtler, former GA St. Rep. Stephen Allison and father, UCGOP Chairman Dale Allison, Enotah Circuit District Attorney Jeff Langley, Union County Tax Commissioner Lee Knight, Union County BOE Chairwoman Cynthia Odom and Union County Sheriff Mack Mason.

GA St. Sen. Hunter Hill



GA State Senator Hunter Hill, successful small business owner, conservative Republican and the only veteran seeking the Office of Governor of the State of Georgia, was not able to make the event. However, Wesley Ross, Hill’s N. GA Campaign Director and

Tori Thompson, Chair of the Kennesaw College Republicans were there to represent Hill. For more information please visit Hill’s Website.

GA Sec. of St. Brian Kemp

GA Secretary of State Brian Kemp, successful small business owner and conservative Republican candidate for the Office of Governor of the State of Georgia, was attending another event in Athens, GA and could not be in Blairsville. However, Kemp was represented by Andrew Turnage of Blairsville at the event. Please visit Kemp’s Website for more information.


GA St. Sen Michael Williams



GA State Senator Michael Williams, conservative Republican candidate for Governor of the State of Georgia, was the only gubernatorial candidate that made the trip here for the Celebrate America event.


Williams is a successful entrepreneur and CPA. Williams says: “If you want more politics as usual, vote for my opponents. If you want real conservative reform, vote for Michael Williams”. Please visit Williams Website for more information.

GA St. Sen David Shafer


GA State Senator and GA Senate Pro Tempore David Shafer, conservative Republican and vastly experienced in GA politics and government and candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, was on hand at the Celebrate America event. Please visit Shafer’s Website for more information.

GA St. Rep Geoff Duncan






GA State Representative Geoff Duncan, conservative Republican, successful entrepreneur and former professional baseball player, was on hand at the Celebrate America event. Duncan said: “I’m focused on creating an even playing field. I don’t owe anyone favors; I don’t owe any lobbyists promises. I won’t play ball with the good-ole-boys”. For more information please see Duncan’s Website.


Mayor David Belle Isle

Alpharetta Mayor David Belle Isle, conservative Republican who was on hand for the Celebrate America event, said: “I’m running for Georgia Secretary of State to defend the vote from voter fraud and left-wing legal attacks. I’m running to help our farmers and grow Georgia’s technology industry. I’m running to lead others to make a more irresistible Georgia. Please see Belle Isle’s Website for more information.

GA St. Rep. Buzz Brockway


GA State Representative Bizz Brockway, Small business owner and conservative Republican, whose voting record reflects it, was on hand for the Celebrate America event. Brockway supports our own Enotah Circuit District Attorney Jeff Langley. Please visit Brockway’s Website for more information.


GA St. Rep. Brad Raffensperger


GA State Representative Brad Raffensperger, staunch conservative Republican, registered professional engineer and successful small business owner was on hand for the Celebrate America event. Raffensperger sponsored HR 87 (Reduced Red Tape) and HR 781 (No Taxation Without Representation). For more information please see Rafensperger’s Website.


Jim Beck, wife & son

Former Deputy Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner and, most recently, Chief of Staff for Insurance Commissioner Ralph T. Hudgens, Jim Beck was on hand at the Celebrate America event. A conservative Republican, Beck’s Day One Priorities are to Serve, Defend and Communicate. Please see Beck’s Website for more information.



Every one of the candidates who graciously made the trip to Blairsville for this event or were represented, are married and are family men with at least one child, if not 3 or 4. Almost all are entrepreneurs who were drawn to politics for the purpose of regaining the freedoms Americans have lost over the last several generations to government overreach. We at strongly encourage you to do your homework; to check the backgrounds and voting records of each of these candidates, even if it means calling or writing them, to make informed decisions. Compare their political platforms and accomplishments to each of the others; and to those of their Democrat counterparts.


These candidates all have businesses and lives outside of politics. They see politics as a tool rather than a lifestyle. They believe in the notion of a constitutional republic based on the rule of law; as opposed to the notion of a democracy based on majority rule. If you read our Declaration of Independence, American Constitution and Bill of Rights, you will not find the word democracy anywhere because our Founders knew that the end result of a democracy is chaos… not freedom. Without the rule of law, an iron clad rule of law that all Americans are subject to equally, America is toast.

Our government today, after decades, even generations, of constant bombardment and infiltration by fifth columnists and self-absorbed opportunists, seems to be about making people equal, which is impossible; as opposed to treating people equally. These Republican candidates seem to be cognizant of the horrible mistake in that way of thinking and, each in their own way, stand against it.

You decide who best can get the job done.

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Union County Republican Party Annual Mass Meeting and County Convention


For More Information:

Deb S. Curlette, Ph.D. Reporter, Union County GOP  404-664-1328

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE =======================================================================Union County Republican Party Annual Mass Meeting and County Convention On Saturday, March 18, the Union County Republican Party (UCGOP) convened its County Convention to elect delegates to the 9th District and Georgia State Republican Conventions.

Addressing a packed room at the Pat Haralson Memorial Civic Center, UCGOP Chairman Dale Allison said, “We’re all here for three important reasons – to identify/develop resolutions which reflect key concerns of Union County residents, to determine who will attend and represent us at the 9th District and Georgia State Republican Conventions, and to elect local officers for the next two years.”

Members met by precincts and Precinct Chairmen and Secretaries were elected. Chairman Allison continued, “A straw vote ballot is being distributed to all delegates. Please vote for the person you would like to see elected as GOP State Chairman and as our next Governor. Who would you vote for? The winners will be announced at the conclusion of our County Convention.”

Next, the Union County Convention was convened. Andrew Turnage, immediate past Chairman of the 9th Congressional District and also a member of the State Committee presided over the County Convention. more Union County Republican Party Annual Mass Meeting and County Convention County Convention delegates voted unanimously in favor of three resolutions to present to Governor Deal and the Georgia State Legislature.

These resolutions included: (1) Opposing The Expansion of Non-Partisan Elections by Republican Members of the Georgia General Assembly (2) Resolution Supporting the Repeal of the $5 Hotel/Motel Tax (3) A Resolution for “Constitutional Carry” A fourth resolution also passed but not by a unanimous vote: Resolution Opposing Casino Gambling.

The next important agenda item was the election of delegates to attend the District and State Republication Conventions as representatives of the citizens/voters of Union County. The floor was then opened to nominations for delegates to the 9th District and Georgia State Republican Conventions. Union County has a voting strength of 14 delegates to the District Convention and 11 delegates to the State Convention. Delegates are required to pay their own way and be present when the Convention is in session. As a result of the UCGOP County Convention, all available delegate positions were filled. Further, an alternate was elected in the event a delegate is unable to attend.

The District and State Republican Conventions are open for anyone to attend as a guest if not selected as a delegate. Check the 9th District website ( and the State Republican Party website ( for on-line guest registration. Everyone’s welcome!

The election of 2017-2019 Union County GOP Officers was held. The following members were elected: Chairman, Dale Allison; 1st VP, Deena Gooch; 2nd VP, J. George Birch; Secretary, Linda Hill; Treasurer, Jack McKechnie; Parliamentarian, Bill Mcquilan; Sergeant at Arms, S.L. (Woody) Woodall.

Following the election, Mr. Turnage installed the newly-elected officers and precinct chairmen. The results of the straw poll were announced. Undecided received the most votes for Chairman of the Georgia GOP. However candidate Alex Johnson received the most votes. Undecided won the election of Governor. more Union County Republican Party Annual Mass Meeting and County Convention

In conclusion, Allison reminded attendees of upcoming events scheduled for Union County: April 15, the next regular meeting of the UCGOP at Pat Haralson Memorial Civic Center at 10 am; April 22, 9th Congressional District Convention at Dillard Convention Center at 10 am and April 28,

State Representative Matt Gurtler Town Hall Meeting at Union County Community Center sponsored by UCGOP and Towns-Union Counties Tea Party.

Cutline: Andrew Turnage Presided over the Union County GOP Covention.

Cutline: 2017-1019 Union County GOP Officers – L to R: Treasurer, Jack McKechnie; Parliamentarian, Bill McQuilan; 1st VP, Deena Gooch; Chairman, Dale Allison; 2nd VP, George Birch; Sergeant at Arms, S.L. (Woody) Woodall; not pictured Secretary, Linda Hill.

Cutline: 2017-2019 Precinct Chairmen – L to R: Mel Prime, 1st; Doug Sheetz, 2nd; Jim Glanton, 3rd; Rob Thibodeaux, 4th, not pictured-Bernie Fontaine, 5th.

Submitted by Deb S, Curlette, Ph.D., UCGOP Reporter ###

Andrew Turnage, Presided

Andrew Turnage

UCGOP 2017-2019 Officers

UCGOP 2017-2019 Officers

UCGOP Precinct Chairmen

UCGOP Precinct Chairmen


Union County Republican Party / Union-Towns TEA Party 51st State Senate District, 9th Congressional District, and U.S. Senate Forum

Featured, Featured Stories, Politics

Union County Republican Party / Union -Towns TEA Party Forum 4/30/2016.

Scroll down to watch video of each forum.

forum moderator

Moderator Brian K. Pritchard

Republican U.S. Senate Candidates Dr. Mary Beth Bacallao and Mr. Derrick Grayson

john steve

51st District State Senate Republican Candidates John Williamson and Steve Gooch

9th group

Republican 9th District Congressional Candidates Roger Fitzpatrick, Paul Broun, Bernie Fontaine and Mike Scupin


Georgia House 8th District Candidates Answer Questions


Union County Republican Party and Union/Towns TEA Party sponsored Georgia House 8th. District candidate forum. Forum moderator CEO Brian K. Pritchard.

Candidates: Joshua Littrell, Matt Gurtler, Kent Woerner, David Barton.

Watch forum video below.

Union County Board of Education Candidates Answer Questions


Union County Republican Party and Union/Towns TEA Party sponsored Union County Board of Education candidate forum. The forum was moderated by Brian K. Pritchard CEO

Candidates: Cindy Byers, Janna Akins, Troy Collins, Andrew Smith.

Watch forum video below.

Union County Republican Party Sponsoring Future Leaders Scholarship Public Speaking Contest


Attention all Union County high school students – “Future Leaders” — in Union County! Once again, the Union County Republican Party (UCGOP) is sponsoring the Future Leaders Public Speaking Contest for high school students in 9th through 12th grades in Union County. All students who live in or are educated in Union County are invited to participate.

“Our goal is to provide an opportunity for students to develop speaking skills, learn more about our government structure/political process, and encourage the youth of our county to be actively involved in the political affairs of our county/country,” said Dale Allison, UCGOP Chairperson. “Our high school students enjoyed/benefited from the contest so much last year, we decided to sponsor it again!”

Preliminary contest rounds and finals are scheduled for this Spring (dates to be announced) at North Georgia Technical College in Blairsville. Scholarships will be awarded to contest winners in the amounts of: 1st Place: $1000; 2nd Place: $600; 3rd Place: $400. Each student will receive a $25 stipend for participating whether he/she wins or not. Applications are available starting Dec. 14 in the front offices of Union County High School and Woody Gap School. For those students not attending these schools, applications may be picked up at the UCGOP office at 103 Blue Ridge Street in Blairsville.  Deadline for application submission is Jan. 20. Speeches must be five to eight minutes long about one of the topics found below.

This year’s judges are well known in the community, have a passion for the welfare of the county’s youth, and possess experience in the nuances of debating/public speaking.  So far, Patrick Malone, Mitch Griggs, Lee Knight, Larry Culpepper, Jeff Langley have agreed to be judges.

Topics students may select from:

  1. Compare the merits of capitalism vs. socialism.
  2. Should there be term limits for Senators, Members of Congress and state legislators?
  3. Are there any amendments to the Constitution that should be eliminated?
  4. Is the United States a Christian nation? Why or why not.
  5. Should there be term limits for federal judges rather than lifetime appointments?
  6. Do we have an honest free press today?
  7. Should Georgia pass the Preservation of Religious Freedom Act?
  8. Should Georgia pass legislation that prohibits the use of Sharia law in the state court system?
  9. Is there a need for a major third political party?
  10. How should the United States handle the immigration problem?
  11. What is the greatest threat to the security of America today?
  12. Why did the founders choose to make America a republic rather than a democracy?


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