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Haralson Lot

Blairsville, Ga – City Council decided not to sell remaining Haralson property lots in a special meeting with the DDA on July 9.

In a 3 to 2 vote, the city council voted to keep the Haralson property lots, except for the .90 acres currently pending closing. The DDA can no longer sell the lots to interested buyers according to the vote.

The remaining lots are located next to the American Homes Building and in front of Hwy. 515, greenspace behind city hall, the greenspace across from Cook’s Restaurant, and parking lot across from Foodland.

.90 acre lot next to Hwy. 515, and closest to Popeye’s, is in the process of being closed on and wasn’t included in the motion to keep the land. However, the deal isn’t finalized at this time.

Haralson Plat lays out the lots that are no longer for sale by the city, including land with access to 515.

“It’s going to be really congested in that area,” stated Councilmember Robert Moore, “if we don’t do anything and keep it as an investment, then chances are it might be better than money in the bank. So if we don’t sell it today and decide five or ten years down the road to sell it, we haven’t lost anything. Also, I would like to create a green space for people to use.”

DDA member W.C. Nelson advised against holding onto prime property in the city of Blairsville when businesses are looking to move into the area.

“From the DDA perspective we want to be remembered for doing a good job and what we’re supposed to do for the city,” stated Nelson, “When things are selling, and you’ve got buyers, you better be taking advantage. The economy’s going to go back down then you’re not going to be able to sell it.”

Popeye’s will bring more transient traffic to the city.

Moore added that he didn’t want another fast food restaurant in the city and would prefer picnic tables in the area.

“The two businesses that we have in the area don’t create a tremendous amount of traffic like a steakhouse would or other things. Popeye’s is going to have come and go traffic,” said Councilmember Tony Dyer, “I see your point and I see Buddy’s point.”

Councilmember Betty Easter didn’t see many people using a green space area in the city.

Moore made the motion to take the land off the market. Councilmember Mary Ruth Cook seconded. Moore, Cook, and Councilmember Rhonda Mahan voted in favor of the motion. Dyer and Easter voted against it.

After some discussion as to who should keep the land now that it’s not for sale, the parking lot and green space behind City Hall moved back to the city.

However, the lot across from Cook’s Restaurant and the 1.13 acres next to American Homes and Hwy. 515 remained with the DDA. Moore made a motion to move the property back to the city, but it failed due to lack of a second.

Lot closest to Cook’s is off the market but still remains with DDA.

“We can set on the property as long as we ever want to set on it, but we’re at the behest of the city council as to what to do with it,” stated DDA member Paul Thompson.

Due to two-year term limits, city council can’t permanently bind DDA to hold the Haralson lots. However, the current council didn’t completely rule out selling for the right offer. Still, the DDA can’t actively sell the property at this time.

“If any of the council changes, a new member might have new ideas,” explained Mayor Jim Conley.

DDA member Daniel Davenport assured the council, “We will behoove the request of the city.”

The transfer of the parking lot and green space back to the city reduces the debt the DDA owes to the city by $650,000 with an estimated remaining debt balance of $300,000.

However, once a prospective deal closes the DDA’s debt to the city will be eliminated.

Wastewater issue discussed at Blairsville City Council meeting


BLAIRSVILLE, Ga. – In his wastewater treatment plant report, Supervisor Jody Cook told the Blairsville City Council at their Tuesday, Feb. 6, meeting that recent testing has found an increased level of chemical pollutants flowing into the city’s wastewater facility.

Cook reported to city officials that it was determined that the chemicals were coming from the Aviagen Hatchery, a poultry hatchery facility located near Colwell Detention Center, after increases in the chemical oxygen demand (COD) at the treatment plant were discovered in January.

Mayor Jim Conley explained changes in Aviagen’s clean up process after delivering boxes of chicks to clients have resulted in the increased amount of chemicals coming into the wastewater plant.

“We’ve never had problems out of (the hatchery) before,” Conley said. “Those places are keep very, very sanitary, and I’m sure that the chemicals that they use are not harmful to you or me, but it’s harmful to our (wastewater treatment) plant because we have to operate under certain numbers for the EPD (Environmental Protection Division) in order to stay in compliance with our permit.”

In follow-up interview with Cook on Thursday, he stated unknown chemicals were being outside of the hatchery facility during the hatchery’s clean up process. Cook also said that the hatchery has been contacted about the issue and changes at the hatchery concerning its clean up process were being made, including the installation of a sewer drain. Cook also confirmed Mayor Conley’s comments from the meeting stating that the pollution poses no health risk but puts a strain on the treatment facility.

When Council Member Tony Dyer asked Cook if the city could be assured the water draining from the treatment plant into Butternut Creek was EPD legal, Cook responded by saying, “I’ve called EPD and told them of the issue … I told them that we would be probably closing some of our permit tests, and I assume (EPD is) okay with it. They didn’t send anybody up here to start testing or anything.”

Other department reports featured Darren Harper, supervisor of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), telling of the DDA’s plans to install a lit bulletin board near the downtown square. Harper described the bulletin board as “a place where people could see what events are coming up, a directory of businesses in the downtown area, (and) things of that nature.” Harper stated the cost of the board would be just under $500 and the proposed location would be between King’s Five and Dime and Hole in the Wall.

During Harper’s report, the council unanimously approved a move to replace DDA member Bob Head with former member Robert Rogers and move Head’s membership to an honorary status with the DDA.

In the water treatment plant report, Supervisor Danny Dillard stated increased water demand has resulted in ground water wells not producing as much as in the past, and he added that adjustments would be made at the plant wells to account for the increased demand.

Blairsville Airport Manager John Hamler reported that the newly installed Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) equipment has been operating well and that the hangar extensions have been well-received. Hamler also stated airport staff hopes to have the new Jet A fuel tank installed by April. According to Hamler, he and Mayor Conley had discussed hiring a commercial window cleaning service from Murphy, North Carolina, to clean all the windows – inside and out – of the airport terminal. “The new windows have a film on them,” Hamler explained. “It’s just been real impossible to them clean.”

During Hamler’s report, the council unanimously approved the hiring of Edgar Marshall as airport operator. Marshall, who worked previously at the Western Carolina Regional Airport near Andrews, North Carolina, for five years, will replace current operator Storman Glass, who will be leaving Blairsville Airport at the end of May. “I’m excited about getting started,” Marshall said after the council’s approval.

City Attorney David Barrett gave an update on the proposed annexation of 83 Conley Road in Blairsville. “Where we are on that is there is a gap between the property of the county and the city,” Barrett explained, “that we’re having to figure a way to get that 50-foot wide stretch opened and I’m in the process of trying to negotiate … You cannot annex less than 50 feet in width in the state of Georgia.”

The council also discussed the upcoming merger of Rite-Aid with Walgreen’s. A representative from Walgreen’s explained the recent merger of the stores to the council, and the council approved an alcohol license application for Walgreen’s managing agent Evia Kirkland. In addition to this, the council also approved the occupational tax certificate for Walgreen’s.

A complaint concerning the city’s inability to accept credit or debit card payments from water customers was addressed by the council. It was explained that the Notla Water Authority currently charges a 3 percent fee for credit or debit card transactions. After further discussion, the council approved for preliminary steps to be taken to establish a method to receive card transactions for water payment. “I just think, personally, it’s high time we did that,” Council Member Rhonda Mahan said.

Later in the meeting, the council approved the Rushton and Company accounting firm from Gainesville, Georgia, to perform the city’s 2017 financial audit.

The council also accepted occupational tax certificate and sign permit applications from Cousins’ Cuisine LLC (dba Sammies Sub Shop), Farmers Daughters Etc., Waves for Weight Loss, Inc. (dba Smoothies & Supplements), and  John E. Mahan, Attorney at Law.


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