Blairsville Memorial Day Parade a snapshot of similar events all over ‘fly-over’ America


Blairsville, GA – On Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 10 o’clock a.m., the Blairsville Memorial Day Parade began its trek through downtown Blairsville to the delight of hundreds of children and parents, locals and a great many visitors to Blairsville, Union County, GA. The Blairsville Memorial Day Arts and Crafts Festival was set up on and around the Blairsville Square and the Parade marched right through it. The setting of the event would have made a perfect Norman Rockwell ‘Saturday Evening Post’ cover illustration.

The Blairsville Square is built around the Old Union County Court House where one can see, first hand, much of the history of Union County and Blairsville, GA. Also in the Old Court House there just happens to be an excellent display of American Military memorabilia which was so appropriate to the theme of the holiday.

All total, the number of Memorial Day Parade and Festival goers totaled in the thousands and, by all accounts, was a fun time for everyone. And though it wasn’t a huge big-city production with million-dollar floats and fifty-foot air-filled caricatures, it was much more like the Memorial Day festivities all across America’s Heartland.

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