UPDATE: High Winds, Tornados, Heavy Rain Predicted for Blairsville Area


Blairsville, GA – The latest prediction from the National Weather Service (NWS) for the Blairsville/Union County area is for winds of 45–60 MPH with gusts even higher, especially in higher elevations; 3-7 inches of rain; and possible fast moving, rain wrapped tornados in the outer bands beginning on Monday afternoon and possibly lasting through Wednesday morning. Union County Alerts are being sent out at this time warning of flash floods.

The possibility of heavy rains in a short period of time can cause rivers and streams to overflow their banks and carry away most anything in their swift currents, including motor vehicles, travel trailers, people and animals.

High winds and wind gusts can turn inanimate objects into deadly missiles. It would be prudent, if you are in this area, to store outdoor furniture, ornaments, garbage cans and anything else not securely anchored down, in a basement, garage or other enclosed area. Stay away from rivers, creeks and low-lying areas. Make sure you have a safe place to shield yourself and your family from a tornado.

The Union County Emergency Management Agency is expecting widespread downed power lines and uprooted trees, given ground that is saturated from a high amount rainfall this year (do not attempt to touch downed power lines!). As a result, there will likely be widespread power outages.

If you have a generator, make sure it is in good working order and you have petrol/gas to run it.

Some good things to have to weather a storm like this are: potable water or a water filtering device, rain gear, boots, a first aid kit and antiseptic, a knife, canned food, bread/crackers, candles, flashlight and batteries, a portable battery operated radio and paracord or rope. A firearm would be helpful in defending against snakes, bears, or worse. Perhaps you need extra medications to get through a crisis. The afore mentioned items are not, by any means, an exhaustive list; but they would make life much easier in an emergency situation for a day or two.

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