Union County Recognizes Five Superheroes

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In Union County’s Board of Education meeting Tuesday night, five teachers from within the Union County school district were recognized for their commitment to excellence within the school system.

Union County Elementary School Principal Jerry Bavero recognized writing teacher Jeanne Maddaleni. Principal Bavero states, “I want you all to know that Ms. Maddaleni is our writing specialist in Union County Elementary School. For the past five years, she has been studying how to teach students writing at third, fourth, and fifth grade levels. So, this year she goes into every single classroom that we have for forty-five minutes a day for five days and completes an entire writing unit. She’s diversified what she’s teaching the students into three different levels. She’s reworked these levels multiple times based on her experience with the students. So, not recognizing her at this point would be doing a disservice to her, to our school, and to our community. She’s done a magnificent job.”

Principal Millie Owenby of Union County Primary School recognized four of her teachers. Principal Owenby states, “I’m recognizing these four ladies tonight because they work with our most challenging students at the primary school. They serve these students as if they were their own. As I’ve thought about what each of them bring to their classroom and to the Primary School, I cannot help but think that each of them has a superpower.”

Ms. Carla Drake’s superpower is patience. Ms. Graham’s superpower is her ability to stay calm. Ms. Schuknecht’s superpower is her level of energy. Finally, Ms. Townsend, her superpower is her level of positivity.

Principal Millie Owenby continues, “I appreciate each one of you ladies. Thank you so much for everything that you do for our students.”

Congratulations to each of these teachers and thank you for your dedication to education and to Union County’s students.

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