• Several speak in opposition to TSPLOST at County Meeting

    TSPLOST Purple Heart County construction multifamily development

    BLAIRSVILLE, Ga – At the October County Meeting, a large crowd gathered to express their displeasure with the TSPLOST referendum and other issues. Early voting is ongoing in Union County concerning the TSPLOST referendum, which if passed would add a one percent sales tax across the county. It would bring the total sales tax up […]

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  • Hershel Walker’s running for the people

    Hershel Walker

    ELLIJAY, Ga – Republican Senate Candidate Hershel Walker wants everyone to understand that he wants what’s best for Georgia. Walker, Heisman winner and UGA great, spoke with FYN about his decision to run for Senate and why he felt now was the time. “I decided I didn’t like what was going on,” Walker stated about the […]

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  • Lt. Governor Candidate Butch Miller talks election integrity and his opponent

    Butch Miller

    ELLIJAY, Ga – State Senator and Lt. Governor Candidate Butch Miller (R-GA) continues not to mince words regarding election integrity, Georgia issues, and his primary challenger State Senator Burt Jones (R-GA). When asked why Trump believes Miller wouldn’t work with fellow Republicans on the election issue, Miller stated he believed someone “poisoned the well.” Miller […]

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  • Gary Black welcomes Hershel Walker to Senate Race

    ELLIJAY, Ga – Gary Black, candidate for United States Senate, welcomes UGA legend and Heisman Trophy winner Hershel Walker to the race and to the state. Walker officially entered the race on Tuesday, August 24, and Black presented Walker with a list of campaign stops to openly debate their ideas for the future of the […]

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  • Giuliani derides Kemp and Raffensperger, praises Vernon Jones


    ELLIJAY, Ga – Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) expressed that the country is at a “major crossroads” and it’s up to like-minded individuals to “preserve” it. Giuliani’s officially endorsed gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones(R) in Georgia after experiencing a lack of leadership from incumbent Brian Kemp (R). The embattled former mayor and ex-Trump Attorney […]

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  • Kemp calls election lawsuit an assault on democracy

    bars federal u election lawsuit

    ATLANTA – Governor Brian Kemp (R – Ga) had harsh words for Attorney General Merrick Garland and Stacey Abrams concerning the Justice Department’s election lawsuit against Georgia and the weaponization of the court system. “There’s someone lying to you about SB 202,” Kemp said, “and it is not me.” The governor detailed the areas addressed […]

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  • Georgia Speaker responds to Justice Department’s election lawsuit

    Justice Department election lawsuit

    ATLANTA – U.S. Department of Justice is suing Georgia concerning the Election Integrity Act on the basis it infringes on civil rights. Democrats have widely derided the controversial law as racist and designed to limit minority voting in Georgia. President Joe Biden (D – Delaware) even called the bill “Jim Eagle” in comparison to Jim […]

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  • State Senator Jones details his trip to Maricopa County

    burt jones Maricopa County

    ELLIJAY, Ga – Burt Jones (R – Jackson) just returned from a trip to Maricopa County, Arizona to inspect its ballot audit process. Officials in Maricopa County invited Jones and State Senator Brandon Beach (R – Alpharetta) to visit. They brought along with designated forensic auditors in the Fulton County lawsuit, which seeks to inspect […]

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  • Vernon Jones feels welcomed by the Republican party

    Vernon Jones

    ELLIJAY, Ga – Gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones (R) attended and spoke at the Georgia Republican Convention over the weekend. Jones, former Democrat turned Republican, continued to make his case against Governor Brian Kemp (R) and that Georgians need a real leader. He added that people outside of the GOP establishment were quick to welcome him […]

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  • Motion to dismiss delays Georgia’s ballot fraud lawsuit

    unseal ballots motion to dismiss

    ELLIJAY. Ga – Fulton County filed a motion to dismiss the election integrity lawsuit. Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero issued a motion to stay in the case until he could rule on it. Friday, May 28, was originally the day plaintiffs’ and Fulton County’s council convened to decide a process for reviewing the […]

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  • Senator Burt Jones debating which statewide race to enter

    burt jones

    ELLIJAY, Ga – Georgia State Senator Burt Jones (R), of Jackson, inferred that he will on the 2022 ballot in a statewide race on Wednesday. Jones’ name has been connected to the lt. governor and governor’s race. The district 25 senator recently visited former President Donald Trump in Mar A Lago, but Jones hasn’t made […]

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  • Favorito addresses the hurdles leading up to the ballot audit

    Garland Favorito ballot audit

    ELLIJAY, Ga – November 2020 election integrity lawsuit plaintiff Garland Favorito labeled the obstacles facing the ballot audit a “battle between establishment and grassroots” Republicans. On Friday, Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero granted the motion to unseal ballots in Fulton County. The ballots will be scanned to produce 600 dpi dots per inch) […]

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  • Two killed in house explosion near Lake Nottely

    BLAIRSVILLE, Ga – A house explosion occurred this morning around 8 a.m. and killed two at a home on Pauline Lane. The exact cause is still under investigation and authorities are asking the public for help. “We are asking that anyone in the area with video or audio footage of Sunday morning’s explosion in Blairsville […]

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  • Health department announces changes COVID-19 vaccination schedule changes

    health department vaccination event

    GAINESVILLE – Several District 2 Public Health Departments are adjusting their Covid-19 vaccination schedules. This will allow the county health departments to continue vaccinations and expand hours for other health department services. Changes to vaccination schedules – start date, location, and days for vaccination: Union County Will move to the health department, 67 Chase Dr., […]

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  • Short Takes – Proprietary Government?

    Written by: George McClellan We stand back in amazement as we watch the former American Democrat Party, morph into an anti-American organ of Marxist propaganda, rushing to change a free land of hope and opportunity into a squalid facsimile of failed socialist states everywhere. And we wonder why we’ve let them and what can be […]

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