“The eyes of America are on Georgia:” Perdue encourages North Georgians to vote

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BLAIRSVILLE, Ga: Senator David Perdue weaved his way through the North Georgia Mountains on Tuesday, December 8, visiting Fannin, Union, and Towns Counties.

The stops were part of his 125-city bus tour to get the vote out ahead of the January 5 runoff. Both Georgia Senators Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are in runoffs, Perdue against Jon Ossoff (D) and Loeffler against Raphael Warnock (D). The outcome of the two races will determine control of the U.S. Senate – a point that Perdue drove home during his stump speech.

The November 3 election outcome left some Georgia Republicans feeling disenfranchised and are debating whether to stay home on January 5. Former members of the Trump legal team, Lin Wood and Sydney Powell strengthened that sentiment last week when they encouraged Georgians not to vote unless it was secure.

Senator David Perdue

Senator Perdue speaking to a crowd of 100 in Blairsville.

Perdue addressed those voters who might skip the runoff:

“Here’s the issue, if you don’t vote in January, we’re just letting the Democrats win. We know what their agenda is. They want to go to a one-party, socialist agenda. We have to stop them, and the eyes of America are on Georgia right now. It’s up to us. Our responsibility in Georgia is to get out and vote to stop these Democrats and to protect what President Trump has accomplished in four years.”

He warned of the radical leftist agenda, including stacking the supreme court, removing the electoral college, and federalized mail-in voting.

Former Georgia Governor and current Department of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue introduced his cousin and told the crowd of “heroes” to “vote early.” He added that no one knows what the weather will be like in January in the mountains.

“David Perdue still stands by the strong conservative, free enterprise, capitalistic principles that called him to go to Washington,” the Former Governor remarked.

Watch a sit-down interview with the Senator. 

Each Perdue made it clear that they weren’t happy with the outcome of the General Election. Senator David Perdue expressed his strong support for the President. Reminding the audience, he was one of two senators who backed then-candidate Trump in 2016.

Senator Perdue, former Governor Sonny Perdue, and Union County Commissioner Lamar Paris (D).

Perdue fell short of the 50 percent margin by approximately 7,000 votes in November, which pushed him into a runoff with Ossoff.

Georgia’s Senior Senator is optimistic about his chances:

“Well, we just won this election. In most states, other than one, we would have already been reelected. My margin of victory was two points; that’s more than a lot of Republicans that already got reelected this time in other states. So, I think that’s the best poll right now out there is what we had then.”

He commented that the Democrats didn’t receive more than 47.5 percent in the General Election. As long as the base turns out, Perdue believes they’ll be fine.

As for President Trump’s chances to overturn Georgia’s election, Perdue isn’t involved in that process as a federal official. It’s a state issue, and he’s focused on winning in January. Perdue and Loeffler did call for the resignation of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger shortly after the November Election.

“I’m very concerned about the issues that are coming out that Stacey Abrams has perpetrated here over the last two years,” the Senator observed. “I have confidence that sooner or later we’re going to get to the bottom of it. What I’ve got to make sure of is we don’t have the same thing potential issues in January.”

Georgia early voting begins next week on December 14 until December 31, closed on holidays. Absentee voting has already started. According to reports, almost a million absentee ballots have already been requested.

Sonny Perdue

Sonny Perdue speaking to the Towns County GOP.

Senator David Perdue

The senator speaking to a crowd of 75 in Blue Ridge.

Perdue bus tour Towns County

Drone shot of the crowd in Towns County, Ga

Union Sheriff Mack Mason

Union Sheriff Mack Mason signed the “Win Georgia, Save America” bus.

Senator and wife Bonnie in Blue Ridge, Ga.

Former Governor Sonny Perdue introduced Senator David Perdue at all stops.

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