Newly renovated View Grill at Butternut Creek reopens

The View Grill at Butternut Creek

BLAIRSVILLE, Ga – The View Grill at Butternut Creek is ready to roll with a new and improved dining area for its guests.

The restaurant closed in January for the renovations and just reopened on Tuesday, June 29.

Earlier in the year, the county entered into a contract with Winkler and Winkler to expand the View Grill and enclose the outdoor seating area. The contract for the updates was $330,370.00. The updates more than doubled the indoor space, making it easier to serve more guests all year round. The View Grill no longer has to worry about the weather for the outdoor space.

The floor-to-ceiling windows offer great views of the Butternut Creek golf course so dining’s always an enjoyable experience.

Those who want to sit outside still have that option. The patio area connected to the Union County Community Center conference room will be available when events aren’t being held.  The same goes for seating inside the conference room, The View Grill can use it if they run out of room in the dining area.

Additionally, The View Grill expanded the menu. Diners can choose from shareable plates, soup, salad, southern fried options, pasta, burgers, sandwiches, and dinner specials. The restaurant also features a full bar.

It’s open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Mock-up of renovations from the outside of the building.

Butternut Creek Golf Course is owned and operated by the Union County Recreation Department. The course’s clubhouse is within the Union County Community Center and shares the space with the Chamber of Commerce. The View Grill is located upstairs on the Butternut Creek side of the building.

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