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BLAIRSVILLE, Ga – Union County issued the following information concerning the recently mailed property assessments.

“First, please do not panic. The assessment notice you recently received is only the newly assessed value on your property. IT IS NOT YOUR PROPERTY TAX BILL. Until the 45-day appeals process is complete, we do not even know the total value of all the Union County property, so the county and school have no way to determine what our millage rates will be to fund our 2022 budgets. Union County is currently still working on our 2022 budget requirements with department heads and elected officials. Please also remember that your property taxes will only be calculated later this year on 40% of your assessed value, not the full fair market value. Just like every other year.
Union County has not raised your property taxes. The assessment notices sent out recently literally say “THIS IS NOT A TAX BILL. DO NOT SEND PAYMENT.” It is only an estimate that is solely based on last year’s county and school millage rates. That estimate is required by law to be calculated on your notice that way.
The State of Georgia does a sales ratio study every year of property sold in a county and how that value compares to the actual value that was placed on the home or property by the county. If your county property values are below a certain percentage, then the state gives the county two years to get the property values in order or YOUR COUNTY WILL BE FINED. This is why we began the process with the company called GMASS in January of 2019 to start the revaluation process in our county, which has been in process for two years now. This was well before anyone knew about Covid-19 or how our property values would be increasing like they are now.
If anyone remembers the last time we had a county-wide revaluation in 2006, the public was also upset back then.
That is why the county has tried our best to explain as much of this process as we can publicly, but for some, it is difficult to understand all the parts to the process. If anyone would like to actually understand the entire process, please make an appointment to sit down with someone in the Tax Assessor’s Office, and any of their staff will be more than willing to help you see the process and ask questions about the process.
Please keep in mind that you have 45 days from the date of the assessment notice to file an appeal with the Tax Assessor’s Office. They are also there every weekday to answer questions or concerns you have. Their phone number is 706-439-6011.
It takes all the great Union County employees to make this county what it is. We all strive to provide services to this county and protect this county as best as we possibly can. That effort is never going to change. Currently, our county portion of the property tax rate (mill rate) is ranked as the 12th lowest in the State of Georgia out of 159 counties. We anticipate that after the revaluation is complete and we can set our new mil rate, we will drop from the 12th lowest to somewhere in the bottom 6. However, when you put the school mil rate and the county mil rate together, which adds to the total of what you actually pay, Union County has the 3rd lowest total tax rate in the State of Georgia. This is because our school system also does an excellent job of utilizing its budget and keeping it low.”

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