The Panthers Historical Season Comes To A End


The Union County Panthers hosted the Bremen Blue Devils in the first round of the GHSA playoffs Friday night. Union was the 2 seed out of their region and Bremen was the 3 seed. However, this did not mean much to the Blue Devils or the Panthers they both came to win the game no matter the seeding. Union was looking to break another record by breaking the curse of the first round. The Panthers have never won a first round game in football. Union would win the toss and select to differ to the second half.

With the rain and wind blowing it was time to get things started at the Mike. Brian Smith would kick the ball out of the end zone giving the ball to Blue Devils on their own 20 yard line. It would take 7 minutes for the Blue Devils to drive the ball down score giving them early lead. Union would now get the chance to even the score, but could not get anything going. The high powered Bremen Blue Devils would take the field. They would march it down the field again and score to bring the score to 14-0. Pierson and the crew would take the field hoping to get something going, but just could not. The Panthers would force the Blue Devils to punt and Chayton Schafer would block it right before half time. Brian Smith would kick a field goal to get the Panthers on the board. Bremen would run a hurry up offense to give them another touchdown before half giving the Blue Devils a 21-3 lead at the half.

The Panthers would receive the second half kickoff looking to get back in these game. However, Union could never get it going. The Blue Devils would dominate the second half scoring 13 unanswered points before Allison found Morlock for a 30 yard passing touchdown. Bremen would score one more time before the final sound giving them a 40-10 win. The Union County Panthers accomplished so much this season and have so much to be proud of. Help us congratulate the Panthers and wish all of the seniors the best of luck in their future endeavors. Thank you Panthers for all the excitement and memories that you created for us this season. As always. Go Panthers!!


Panthers Come Up Short in Region Championship


The Union County Panthers traveled to Tiger, Georgia Friday night to take on the Wildcats of Rabun County. Both teams had the same goal in mind and that was to win the region championship. This game was not only a huge region game for both, but it is also a big rivalry game. With the wind blowing hard on a chilly night it was time to get things rolling.

Union would kick to the wildcats on the opening kickoff. The Wildcats would drive down the field, but the Panthers defense flexed their necks and stopped them on fourth down. Pierson and the high powered offense would take the field and it would not take long for them to get going. The second offensive play Allison found Sawyer Drake on a 50 yard touchdown to get the Panthers on top early. The Wildcats would be picked off by Alec Scott on their next possession, but Union could not get anything from it. Rabun would go down the and score on a 7 yard rushing touchdown making the score 7-7 after the first. The second quarter Rabun County would score on 3 rushing touchdowns and the Panthers would answer with a 14 yard recieving touchdown to bring the score to 28-14 at the break.

Union would receive the kickoff in the second half. The Panthers could not get much going in the third quarter except when Pierson Allison found Sawyer Drake on a 45 yard touchdown. Rabun would add 3 more rushing touchdowns giving them a 21-49 advantage after three quarters of football. Union and Rabun would exchange a blow a piece on rushing touchdowns to bring the final score to 28-56. Union finishes the regular season at 9-1 and the 2nd seed out of region 8-AA. The Panthers will host the Bremen Blue Devils this Friday night at 7:30 pm in Blairsville,Georgia.

School Name *W-L *Pct. *PF *PA W-L Pct. PF PA Strk
Rabun County 6-0 1.000 323 70 9-1 0.900 482 167 9 W
Union County 6-0 1.000 268 74 9-1 0.900 425 150 1 L
Elbert County 5-2 0.714 262 101 7-3 0.700 343 150 3 W
Monticello 4-3 0.571 177 196 5-5 0.500 225 251 2 W
Banks County 3-4 0.429 144 223 4-6 0.400 194 273 2 L
Putnam County 2-5 0.286 109 227 3-7 0.300 172 323 1 W
Social Circle 1-6 0.143 130 297 4-6 0.400 271 311 4 L
Oglethorpe County 0-7 0.000 56 281 0-10 0.000 70 364 10 L


#TeamFYNSports Sports Writer Player Of The Week:Coleson Daniel


Senior Captain and starting Center, Coleson Daniel, has lead the team to one of the best rushing and passing offenses in the entire state. His leadership and talent will be greatly missed by the Panthers next year. Congrats Coleson!


The Panther’s Slay the Redskins on Senior Night


Friday Night the Union County Panthers hosted the Social Circle Redskins at Mike Memorial Stadium in the final regular season home game for the Panthers. Since it was the last home game the Panthers had senior night. The Panthers will be graduating 13 seniors this year including key defensive players, Chayton Schafer and Jackson Colwell. They will also graduate key offensive players, Coleson Daniel and Kannon Hemphill. After the festivities had finished it was time for the Panthers to hammer down. The Panthers started fast and did not give the Redskins a chance.

The Redskins would get the ball first and would not get anything going, which resulted in them punting to the Panthers. It was time for the high powered Union County offense to take the field. Pierson would march the Panthers down the field and call his own number for a 5 yard rushing touchdown. Social would take the field and still not get anything going which would be the outcome all night thanks to the bickwall defense. Union’s next two touchdowns were both 70+ yards and both were passing touchdowns. The first would go to Kyle Morlock for 77 yards and and the second would go to Sawyer Drake for 74 yards. This would bring a end to the quarter with the score 21-0. Union would not miss a beat in the second quarter. Kannon Hemphill would catch a 36 yard touchdown from Pierson Allison to take the score to 28-0. Then Cayden Rich would score his first ever varsity touchdown from 52 yards out from Pierson Allison. At the break the score would be Union 35, Social Circle 0.

Social Circle would opt to have a running clock in the second half because of the 30 points rule. Union would get some young guys into the mix. Logan Helcher would find Zion Ross in the 3rd quarter to bring the score to 35-0 heading into the fourth. The Union County young guys would hold their own and only give up 7 points to the Redskins against their starters. At the final buzzard the Panthers would be victorious 42-7. Now the Panthers will look towards the Region Championship this Friday against the Wildcats of Rabun County. They will travel to Tiger,GA for a 7:30 kickoff against a very good Rabun team. Good Luck Panthers!!

School Name *W-L *Pct. *PF *PA W-L Pct. PF PA Strk
Rabun County 6-0 1.000 323 70 8-1 0.889 426 139 8 W
Union County 6-0 1.000 268 74 9-0 1.000 397 94 9 W
Elbert County 4-2 0.667 221 101 6-3 0.667 302 150 2 W
Monticello 3-3 0.500 141 168 4-5 0.444 189 223 1 W
Banks County 3-3 0.500 144 182 4-5 0.444 194 232 1 L
Putnam County 1-5 0.167 96 217 2-7 0.222 159 313 2 L
Social Circle 1-5 0.167 102 261 4-5 0.444 243 275 3 L
Oglethorpe County 0-6 0.000 46 268 0-9 0.000 60 351 9 L


Player Of the Week-Pierson Allison

Player of the Week, TeamFYNSports

Coming into the Union County Football season there was a big question if Pierson Allison was going to be able to get it done at the Quarterback position. Pierson has answered the question all year and it was no different Friday night. Pierson completed 9 of his 11 passes for 341 yards and 4 touchdowns. Allison also added 20 yards rushing and a rushing touchdown. Pierson is top 10 in the state in passing yards for this season. Congrats Pierson and the entire Union County team.


Union Keeps it Rolling


The Union County Panthers made history Friday night. Football has been around Union County for 60 plus years and no team has ever won more then 9 games in a row. However, Friday night this would change.

Union County would travel to Lexington, Georgia Friday to take on the Ogelthorpe County Patriots. The Panthers came out with their foot on the pedal and did not let up all night. The Patriots would receive the ball, but the Panthers defense would force them to a 3-and-out. The high powered scoring Union County offense would take the field to get things rolling. They would march down the field and finish the drive off with a two yard touchdown run by Chad Buzzard. Union’s next offensive drive would be the exact same to put the Panthers ahead 14-0 after the 1st quarter. The second quarter the Patriots still could not get much going, but Union would pull away. A 21 yard touchdown run by Jonah Daniel, a 15 yard receiving touchdown, and a 8 yard rushing touchdown by Chayton Schafer would stretch the Panthers lead to 35-0 at the half.

The Panthers would start the second half just like they are started two other halfs this season. Kannon Hemphil would take the opening kickoff 60 yards to the house to bring the score to 42-0. Union would start making substitutions to get starters out and let young guys get some experience. Jonah Daniel would score another rushing touchdown in the fourth and Peyton Ivester would put one in the box also. The young guys on a defense would hold the Patriots to 0 points to give the Panthers their 2nd shut out of the season. History was made Friday Night by the Panthers after their 56-0 win. The Panthers have won 10 games straight breaking the previous school record of 9 straight. Congrats to Brian Alison and his Panthers.

School Name *W-L *Pct. *PF *PA W-L Pct. PF PA Strk
Rabun County 5-0 1.000 260 64 7-1 0.875 363 133 7 W
Union County 5-0 1.000 230 67 8-0 1.000 359 87 8 W
Elbert County 3-2 0.600 184 99 5-3 0.625 265 148 1 W
Banks County 3-2 0.600 111 146 4-4 0.500 161 196 1 W
Monticello 2-3 0.400 105 135 3-5 0.375 153 190 1 L
Putnam County 1-4 0.200 94 180 2-6 0.250 157 276 1 L
Social Circle 1-4 0.200 95 219 4-4 0.500 236 233 2 L
Oglethorpe County 0-5 0.000 40 209 0-8 0.000 54 292 8 L


Player of The Week-Jackson Colwell

Player of the Week, TeamFYNSports

The Panthers defensive has been impressive all season and that has a lot to do with Middle Linebacker, Jackson Colwell. Colwell has put up impressive stats and Friday was no different. Jackson had 13 tackles, 3 assists, and 3 tackles for loss against the Patriots. Congrats to Jackson and the Panthers on a great season so far!



Panthers Tame the Leopards


After a much needed bye week for the Panthers, it would not take them long to get things rolling again. The Banks County Leopards would travel to the mountains of Blairsville Friday night to take on your Union County Panthers. This was a huge region 8-AA match up for the Panthers. Just like most games this season the offense would explode earlier and often.

Union County would win the coin toss and elect to receive the ball to start the game and it was a great call by the Head Coach. Pierson Allison would come out throwing the ball all over the Leopards. The drive would result in a 35 yard receiving touchdown by Junior, Sawyer Drake. Then the high flying Panthers defense would take the field against the old school wing T offense Banks runs. Union would not budge a bit forcing Banks to a 3 and out on their first 4 possessions.

The second possession for the Panthers on Offense would go in the same direction as the first one. Pierson would work his magic just like all year and finish it off with a 14 yard touchdown strike to Kyle Morlock. Chayton Schafer would be the answer to the Panther’s 3rd touchdown when he caught a 25 yard pass. This would bring a end to the 1st quarter with the Panther’s leading 21-0. The second quarter would be similar. Kyle Morlock would catch another touchdown and Pierson would take one in from 54 yards out. Banks would answer making the score 35-7 at the half.

The old school wing T would eat 10 minutes of the 3rd quarter up and would end in a touchdown for Banks county. Howevere, with two minutes left in the 3rd the Panthers would take the ball down the field and score on another rushing touchdown by Pierson Allison. This would end the 3rd with the panthers leading 42-14. The 4th quarter would be a time for the Panthers to get some young guys in. Jonah Daniel would score on a 16 yard rushing touchdown on his first carry. Banks would eat the rest of the clock up and get them a field goal. When the final buzzer rang the Panthers came out on top 49-17. Union will travel to Ogelthorpe to take on the Patriots this Friday night.

Region Standings:

School Name *W-L *Pct. *PF *PA W-L Pct. PF PA Strk
Rabun County 4-0 1.000 197 57 6-1 0.857 300 126 6 W
Union County 4-0 1.000 171 67 7-0 1.000 300 87 7 W
Monticello 2-2 0.500 97 88 3-4 0.429 145 143 2 W
Elbert County 2-2 0.500 137 91 4-3 0.571 218 140 2 L
Banks County 2-2 0.500 87 134 3-4 0.429 137 184 2 L
Putnam County 1-3 0.250 82 156 2-5 0.286 145 252 1 W
Social Circle 1-3 0.250 88 156 4-3 0.571 229 170 1 L
Oglethorpe County 0-4 0.000 40 150 0-7 0.000 54 233 7 L

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