Party in-fighting erupts among Georgia Republicans

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ATLANTA, Ga – Republican Senators David Perdue, Kelly Loeffler, and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) trade barbs concerning the integrity of Georgia’s election process.

In a joint statement, Perdue and Loeffler requested the resignation of Raffensperger, citing “the management of Georgia’s elections has become an embarrassment for our state” and failure to deliver honest elections.

However, the statement lists zero evidence of voter fraud or specific examples of the Secretary of State’s election failures. The Georgia Republicans and Senators are both in separate January 5, 2021 runoffs. Perdue is facing Democrat challenger Jon Ossoff. Loeffler is in contention against Democrat Raphael Warnock.

The statement goes on to address that every legal vote should be counted and for transparency in the county process.
“We believe where there are failures, they need to be called out – even when it’s in your own party. There have been too many failures in Georgia elections this year and the most recent election shined a national light on the problems.”

The complete statement from Georgia Republicans and Senators Perdue and Loeffler.














Raffensperger’s Response

In a rebuttal statement, Raffensperger asserts that he has no intention of resigning, “the voters of Georgia hired me, and the voters will be the one to fire me.”

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R)

The Secretary of State lists the facts pertaining to the November 3 election and the days following. Almost five million Georgians cast ballots in this election. 75 percent voted in person, and 25 percent voted no-excuse absentee ballot. The no-excuse absentee law was passed by a Republican legislature with support from Speaker David Ralston and signed by then-Governor Sonny Perdue.

Senator Perdue received more votes from Georgians than President Trump, and the president garnered the most votes ever for the Republican presidential candidate in Georgia.

The Secretary of State’s office is and will be investigating any “specific allegations of illegal voting.” It also has a monitor in Fulton County, “one of the longtime problem Democrat-run counties.”

“I care about counting each and every legal vote… and assuring that illegal votes won’t be counted,” Raffensperger added.

He agrees that illegal voting probably occurred in Georgia, but not to the extent, or margin necessary, to change the presidential race outcome.

Concerning the lack of transparency charge, he directed attention to the daily, sometimes twice daily, press conferences and hourly number updates.

Raffensperger alludes to problems with federal law when it comes to maintaining “clean voter rolls.”

“Federal law, not state law, is what allows people to register to vote before a runoff even if they weren’t registered in for the general election. Now that Senators Perdue and Loeffler are concerned about elections, hopefully, they can fix these federal laws.”

Secretary of State ends with a promise to do his duty as an elected official and is concerned about Republicans maintaining the U.S. Senate. He suggests that Perdue and Loeffler “focus on that.”

Senator Loeffler hosts meet and greet

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On Oct. 2, Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler and Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn hosted a meet and greet at Black Diamond Grill. Both Senators were behind schedule – planned to start at noon – due to getting tested for COVID-19 prior to their arrival.

Both. Loeffler and Blackburn had been in contact with President Trump in recent days. Both senators’ tests came back as negative. Loeffler’s goal for her campaign and the upcoming election is to shake up the status quo as a businesswoman.

Blackburn –who introduced Loeffler – said since Trump has been in office, the economy has grown as well as the strength of the country. It will continue to grow with the leadership of figures like Trump and Loeffler, according to Blackburn.

“This country is coming back because with Donald Trump and Republican leadership, we can do this again and we will,” Blackburn said.Senator Blackburn introduced Senator Loeffler at meet and greet.

Loeffler said Washington is in need of more businesspeople like herself and Trump. Her fight for the Georgian’s will not stop, according to Loeffler.

“There’s nothing that the radical left fears more than a strong, conservative businesswoman, so I am proud to stand by you,” Loeffler said. “The radical left is working overtime to take away our freedoms, our opportunities, our way of life here in Georgia. They’re trying to get outsiders, like myself, like President Trump out of Washington but we’re not going to let them.”


Loeffler’s campaign is based on the American Dream and to continue to fight for it. Loeffler has focused on her core values of pro-life, pro-second amendment and holding China accountable.

“I have stood up to the radical left’s cancel culture and I’ve drawn the line and said we will not be canceled; we will not be silenced. I’m going to be that voice for every single Georgian who feels like they can’t speak out,” Loeffler said. “I am working for you…for all Georgian’s.”


Run-off candidates make final plea at Union GOP headquarters opening

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Union GOP Headquarters

BLAIRSVILLE, Ga – Union County GOP celebrated the grand opening of its new headquarters in the Graystone Building with several Republican 2020 candidates in attendance.

State Senator Steve Gooch, Georgia District 8 Representative and Congressional District Nine run-off candidate Matt Gurtler, Congressional District Nine run-off candidate Andrew Clyde, Congressman Doug Collins’ daughter Jordan Collins, along with other Collins’ campaign representatives, State Senator John Wilkinson, and Public Service District Four Commissioner Lauren “Bubba” McDonald were all in attendance.

“Great to be out here today, only a few more days to go to the election. It’s great to see so many people out here,” stated Rep. Gurtler. “I appreciate everybody’s support, get out there, and vote on Tuesday.”

He added that around 40,000 people have already voted in the Ninth District, and they expect another 40,000 on Tuesday.

Gurtler’s competition Andrew Clyde arrived at the event a little later. Fetch Your News spoke with him about his feelings leading up to Tuesday’s run-off.

Gurtler kept it brief and asked for support on Tuesday.

“We’re excited. We think we’re going to win. We think it’s going to be a tight race. We may not have results based on absentee ballots, so it depends on when they actually count them,” Clyde said.

The larger counties, such as Hall and Forsyth, took longer to finalize results in the Georgia Primary. The potential delay could delay a presumptive winner announcement.

When asked about “China Clyde” and democratic donor attack ads, Clyde responded, “It’s all false. Just like all the others, they say fact one, fact two, fact three, it should say lie one, lie two, lie three… I think they say, ‘spends $54,000 to defeat President Trump,’ and they cite a contribution to Republican Candidate Ted Cruz in the Primary.”

In the 2016 primary, Clyde supported Cruz like 40,000 others in the Ninth District.

“Ted Cruz didn’t win. President Trump did. He got the nomination, and so we coalesce around our nominee,” Clyde affirmed. “We support him, and I have supported him since he became the nominee.”

Clyde added that bought and made Trump 2020 signs himself. To his knowledge, he was the first person in the state of Georgia to put up Trump reelection signage.

As for Super-PACs spending money in the Ninth District, Clyde made a definitive statement, “They’re trying to convince Georgian’s what to do. I don’t need them. I don’t think the Ninth District needs them. I just need the Ninth District.”

Pictured on Left Public Service Commissioner Bubba McDonald and Right Ninth District Candidate Andrew Clyde.

Super-PAC Club for Growth has endorsed the Gurtler campaign and produced several anti-Clyde advertisements.

From now until November, the new headquarters on Hwy. 515 will offer information about Republican candidates running for office. Additionally, it features a party store where people can pick up, Trump campaign merchandise, masks, hats, flags, t-shirts, and more. Prices range from $20 to $5. Candidate signs and bumper stickers will also be available.

“Everybody ready to get this Trump rally started this Fall?” asked State Senator Gooch to a round of applause and shouts. He continued by focusing on party unity, which will be necessary after Tuesday’s August 11 run-off.

“We work for victory in November. We’ve got a job to do, not just for Union County or the Ninth Congressional

District, but all over the state of Georgia. The Liberal Democrats are trying to take back control of the house and the senate in our General Assembly…We cannot let that happen. We’ve got to work together. We’ve got to move forward as a family after Tuesday night,” expressed Gooch.

He added that the Democrat party of Governor Zell Miller no longer exists because the Liberals hijacked it.

State Senator Gooch started the process of reconciliation after an intense primary and run-off season.

“We need to fight this year, fight stronger than we’ve ever fought,” Gooch ended.

Union County GOP President Dena Gooch explained that they were looking for a place when Blairsville local Frank Pack offered the space. A lot of work went into preparing the office for GOP use, including a new coat of paint and good old fashioned elbow grease.

As for upcoming Republican Party events, Towns County GOP will be having another Trump Armada on August 29. On September 26, Towns GOP will be hosting a Back the Blue Appreciation Ceremony and Caravan. They will travel from Towns County to Union County, and anyone can join.

Check out all the photos from the grand opening, here.

Final Qualifying update from in Union

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UNION COUNTY, Ga – Qualifying for the 2020 election season officially opened on Monday, and candidates will have until Friday, March 6 at 12 p.m. when the window closes. The list below is an account of everyone who has qualified through Friday, March 6.

Union has ten local races on the primary ballot on Tuesday, May 19. Voter Registration for the General Primary is April 20, 2020. Early voting will begin on April 27, 2020, and mandatory Saturday voting will be on May 9, 2020.

Check below to see who has qualified thus far this week.


Sole Commissioner 

Lamar Paris (Incumbent – Democrat)

Tax Commissioner 

Lee Knight (Incumbent – Republican)


Mack Mason (Incumbent – Republican)

Clerk of Superior Court 

Judy Odom (Incumbent – Democrat)

Magistrate Judge 

Cary Cox (Incumbent – Non-partisan)

Probate Judge

Dwain Brackett (Incumbent – Non-partisan)

Board of Education District One 

Janna Akins (Incumbent – Republican)

Board of Education District Three 

Julia Barnett (Republican)

Dale Spivey (Republican)

County Surveyor

Jason Henson (Republican)

County Coroner

Benny Erwin (Incumbent – Republican)


District 8 State Representative

Stan Gunter (Republican)

Steve Townsend (Republican)

Dave Cooper (Democrat)

State Senator District 51

Steve Gooch (Incumbent – Republican)

June Krise (Democrat)

Public Service Commission District 4

Lauren “Bubba” McDonald, Jr. (Incumbent – Republican)

Nathan Wilson (Libertarian)

Daniel Blackman (Democrat)

John Noel (Democrat)

Judge of Superior Court Enotah Circuit

Joy R. Parks (Incumbent – Non-partisan)


Ninth District U.S. Congress

Michael Boggus (Republican)

Andrew Clyde (Republican)

Matt Gurtler (Republican)

Maria Strickland (Republican)

Kevin Tanner (Republican)

Ethan Underwood (Republican)

Devin Pandy (Democrat)

Paul Broun (Republican)

John Wilkinson (Republican)

Dan Wilson (Democrat)

Kellie Weeks (Republican)

Siskin (Democrat)

United States Senate – Perdue Seat

James Knox (Democrat)

Jon Ossoff (Democrat)

Teresa Pike Tomlinson (Democrat)

Tricia Carpenter McCracken (Democrat)

Sarah Riggs Amico (Democrat)

Shane Hazel (Libertarian)

Marc Keith DeJesus (Democrat)

Maya Dillard Smith (Democrat)

David Perdue (Incumbent – Republican)

United States Senate – Loeffler Seat (Special Election in November) 

Kelly Loeffler (Incumbent – Republican)

Doug Collins (Republican)

A. Wayne Johnson (Republican)

Kandiss Taylor (Republican)

Tamara Johnson-Shealey (Democrat)

Matt Lieberman (Democrat)

Joy Felicia Shade (Democrat)

Ed Tarver (Democrat)

Richard Dien Winfield (Democrat)

Al Bartell (Independent)

Allen Buckley (Independent)

Brian Slowinski (Libertarian)

Derrick E. Grayson (Republican)

Rod Mack (Write-In)

Annette Jackson (Republican)

Deborah Jackson (Democrat)

Jamesia James (Democrat)

Raphael Warnock (Democrat)

Michael Todd Green (Independent)

Valencia Stovall (Independent)

John “Green” Fortuin (Green)

The Presidential Preference Primary takes place on March 24, 2020, and early voting opened on March 2. The mandatory Saturday voting will be held on March 14.

Here’s a list of all the federal and state races that are qualifying in 2020. If needed, a General Primary run-off will take place on July 21, 2020.

FreedomWorks endorses Gurtler for District 9 seat

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BLAIRSVILLE, Ga – Georgia State House Rep. and current candidate in the Congressional race Matt Gurtler’s earned his second endorsement, this week, from FreedomWorks.

The organization had this to say about Gurtler:

“Our grassroots community in Georgia has only good things to say about Matt Gurtler’s tenure in the Georgia House of Representatives. Time and time again, Gurtler has been a principled voice in defense of liberty and the small-government values that many Georgians hold dear. He is also not afraid to take a hard stance against bad legislation, having voted ‘no’ on 40 percent of floor votes in the past. FreedomWorks for America’s grassroots community looks forward to supporting Gurtler’s bid to represent Georgia’s ninth district in Washington.”


Logo courtesy of FreedomWorks.

FreedomWorks has promised to send their “Georgia activists” to assist with turning out the vote by knocking on doors and connecting with peers. The group also has a mobile texting initiative in place to reach more voters.

“We’re excited about it,” Gurtler told Fetch Your News.

At this time, it’s unclear if FreedomWorks will be helping the Gurtler ninth district campaign monetarily as well. Fetch Your News asked Gurtler about the organization’s potential financial support and didn’t couldn’t confirm or deny this possibility. However, since FreedomWorks endorsed Gurtler, he can no longer speak with the group.

Gurtler did confirm that he met with Club for Growth while in Washington D.C. but doesn’t if they will endorse him or not. “We met with several groups, and it’s up to them to decide,” said Gurtler.

Who is FreedomWorks?

According to FreedomWorks 2020 policy platform, it “supports the preservation and defense of free markets, limited government, and individual liberty.” FreedomWorks advocates for these principles and educates citizens to share their ideas in local communities.

The platform outlines six tenets:

  1. Unleashing economic freedom and the free market.
  2. Immigration and strong borders.
  3. Restoring constitutional limits.
  4. Rolling back the regulatory state.
  5. Achieving the American Dream through justice reform.
  6. A more open government.

The organization also has stated that it wants the government to belong to the people, not special interests. The grassroots service center consists of six million activists, and several notable political names have praised it, including Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky), Glenn Beck, and Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx).

“FreedomWorks [has] been the invisible hand behind much of the recent conservative activism around the country, ” wrote The New York Times.

In 1984, FreedomWorks went by Citizens for a Sound Economy.

Important dates for 2020 election cycle in Georgia

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election cycle

BLAIRSVILLE, Ga – With election season well underway, the registration deadline is fast approaching for the upcoming primaries. Additionally, Georgia has multiple special elections scheduled for 2020.

Feb. 24 is the last day that a person can register and be eligible to vote in the Presidential Preference Primary, special election, and special election runoff. April 20 is the last day to register for the General Primary.

On March 2, early voting starts for the Presidential Preference Primary and special election. March 14 is the mandatory Saturday voting day for these elections, which takes place on March 24. The special election runoff will be held on April 21 if needed. Absentee or mail-in ballots are already available for the Presidental race.

Also, on March 2, political party and nonpartisan candidates can file a Declaration of Candidacy or a Notice of Candidacy to appear on a General Primary/Nonpartisan ballot. An Independent or political body candidate can file a notice of candidacy to have their name on the General Election ballot.

March 6 at 12 p.m. is the last time that anyone can declare or give notice of candidacy to have their name appear on General Primary ballot, or in the case of an Independent or a political body candidate to appear on the General Election ballot.

The General Primary, Nonpartisan General Election, and Special Election will be on May 19. If needed the runoff is scheduled for July 21. Early voting begins on April 27 and Saturday voting takes place on May 9. Absentee voting registration begins on March 31.

Nov. 3 is the date for the 2020 General Election, and the runoff for local and state offices will be on Dec. 1. However, the runoff for federal offices is Jan. 5, 2021. The last day to register to vote for the general and runoff is Oct. 5. Early voting starts on Oct. 12 and Saturday voting will be on Oct. 24. Absentee ballots can be applied for and mailed in on Sept. 15.

Union Specific Voting Information

Residents must vote within their primary residence precinct if not voting early. Homestead exemption normally governs the location. Early voters in Union should note that the location has changed from previous years, instead of upstairs at the Courthouse, it will now take place downstairs.

Copy of the precincts in Union County.

Another matter appearing on the May 19 ballot, a non-binding resolution will appear on the GOP ballot inquiring as to whether the county needs a multi-commissioner board.

On April 25, Union County Republican Party will host a meet the candidates event for the public. Also, on April 25 at 5 p.m., Towns County is hosting a Congressional candidate forum, State Senator John Wilkinson and Rep. Matt Gurtler have accepted. The auditorium holds 500 people.

Candidates make their case at Union GOP meeting

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BLAIRSVILLE, Ga – Several Republican candidates spoke to Union County GOP members in hopes of gaining their vote in the upcoming 2020 primary.

Judge Stan Gunter, now running unopposed for State House District 8, stated that he didn’t want to take anything for granted. He has heard rumors of a Democrat entering the race.

Gunter also confirmed that neither Rep. Matt Gurtler nor organizations representing the current Rep. contacted him before entering the District 9 race. “[I assume] they’ll find someone,” he said.

The Former Chief Superior Court Judge addressed his vision for District 8.


Gunter at his retirement party from the Enotah Judicial Circuit Superior Court.

“Georgia has been the number one state for business for the last seven years. So, we’ve got a good climate. We have a lot of good tourism up this way. I’d like to see growth continue, but controlled growth. I’ve been in Gwinnett County when it was going crazy. We don’t want that,” advocated Gunter.

Gunter also spoke in favor of strong public schools but believed people should have the option to educate their children in the way they see fit. His other positions included pro-Second Amendment, pro-life, as well as to an extent Constitutional carry (open carry).

“I have some questions mainly with law enforcement about how it would be treated. I know it’s in several states, and it seems to work fine. But, I do have some questions about it. I would say some limitations would be a private business, even like Walmart. If they don’t want you to open carry in there, they have the right to do that. I also have concerns about having guns where it’s dangerous to have them like a courtroom,” explained Gunter.

State Senator John Wilkinson for Congressional District 9

State Senator John Wilkinson discussed his candidacy for the open District 9 seat, and when asked why he wanted to go to Washington D.C, he said he wanted to “try.” In other words, Wilkinson expressed a desire to change D.C.’s culture through relationships and returning to limited government.

“When I look at America, if you look at the history of our country, I think about my dad. When he was nine years old, he moved to the farm where I live in 1936. He moved into a house that had no insulation, no heat, no air condition and they just had to struggle to get by working at the sawmill. He went to school. He was elected School Superintendent. He provided [us] with a better life. We had a much easier life than my dad had growing up. Every generation of Americans has had a better lifestyle than the generation before. I’ve got those five grandkids. I think it’s going to be a challenge for them to say they grew up in an America better than my dad grew up in. I want this to be a better America for my grandkids,” Wilkinson explained to the room.

John Wilkinson

Courtesy of Wilkinson campaign.

Wilkinson understood that while he’s just one person, but he believed that through relationships and striving to make that difference, something could be done.

Additionally, he stated closer you can keep the government to the people the better. The government should be limited like in the Constitution.

The first bill Wilkinson introduced was to repeal other bills that he felt hindered Georgia’s progress. “I don’t think we need any more bills or regulation in Georgia.”

When asked about eliminating the Department of Education (DOE), Wilkinson agreed that the federal DOE didn’t need to interfere with local or state policy, citing that the department didn’t exist until the Carter Administration.

Speaking to the national deficit, Wilkinson asserted that the country needs to start by passing a balanced budget. Continuing resolutions won’t solve the problem.

Wilkinson affirmed his stance as pro-Second Amendment and in favor of Constitutional Carry (open carry). He stressed the importance of involving law enforcement because officers are the ones risking their lives in these situations.

Wilkinson told the room if they really wanted to know who he was, he accepted Christ when he was eight years old. Anyone can find him teaching Sunday School class in the same church he grew up in.

Incumbent Sheriff Mack Mason

“We’re trying the best to run this county as we can,” said Sheriff Mack Mason. “We’re the ones doing the job. The grand juries, the DA will tell you just about all the time, it’s the city police and county sheriffs bringing the cases in this county.”

Courtesy of UC Sheriff’s Office

Mason’s running unopposed for this third term as sheriff of Union County.

“I welcome [an opponent] if they [run]. It will be the worst thing that they do. The records we can pull out. The job that we’ve done. I appreciate being in this job right now. I got here by God’s grace. I’m going to leave the same way. I try to do the very best I do. We have some of the finest people and they’re highly disciplined.”

The sheriff also confirmed his pro-second amendment stance and announced March 10 as the date for the annual meeting for the Union County Gun Club at the Haralson Civic Center.

Lee Knight Announces Tax Commissioner Candidacy

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Tax commissioner Knight

BLAIRSVILLE, Ga – Incumbent Tax Commissioner Lee Knight announced his intention to run for office in 2020.

“I’ll be on the ballot again on the Republican primary. I’m in it to win it. I don’t know if I have any opposition,” stated Knight, “I’ve made promises, and I’ve kept those promises.”

Knight commended his professional and courteous staff, who are always there is answer any questions. The office has recently undergone a system change to Georgia Drive. The staff participated between 200 to 300 hours of training.

The collection rate for the 2019 taxes was 94 percent. 2018 at 98.4 percent and 2017 at 99.8 percent. He collected about $3 million during his first year in back taxes.

“I want to stay committed to treating everybody fairly and equally. I appreciate your support and I appreciate your vote.”

Knight took the office of tax commissioner in 2013. Previously, he worked as a marketing representative in the automobile industry and grew up in Union County.

Feature image provided by Union County Tax Commissioner website.

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