Georgia’s Senatorial Dilemma


If you are not a Georgia voter, you can ignore this essay. But, it is important to national politics
and the realignment of the classic Republican party that is firmly stuck in Americas burden, the
Tar Baby that is the Deep State, effectively designed for purposeful mediocrity and or money.
Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, against the advice of the State GOP establishment, has decided
to nominate a successful conservative businesswoman Kelly Loeffler, to fill the soon to be
vacated Senate seat of the retiring Johnny Isakson. The Republican party is going nuts over his
decision because it’s his, not theirs. Who is she and why did Kemp choose her over the party’s
objection? Gov. Kemp say’s she’s conservative and I trust his judgement; I voted for him.

The States Republican Party insists Georgia’s 9th Dist. Rep. Doug Collins, the now publicly
voracious pro-Trump bulldog chewing on the pants legs of the Democrat dufus Jerry Nadler,
Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is more worthy of filling Johnny’s seat. Why Doug
Collin? Because he’s noisy? He’s doing fine where he’s at and I’m not at all sanguine that his
selection would be all that good for Georgians. Georgia’s two political parties are themselves,
only state size versions of the deep state designed to keep outsiders from fouling their business
nest. Doug Collin’s quick rise in the House GOP leadership suggests his potential deep state
credentials. I’m just wondering out loud! I like Paul Broun as a logical choice for Senator.

I reside in the 9th Dist. and Collin’s is my Rep. I voted for Doug when he first ran and I
contributed to his campaign. But, in his first year he appeared to be moving subtly to the political
center supporting the national party’s moderate position in most things. Paul Ryan was the
House Speaker then. Since Trump, Collin’s conservative voting record agreeably hovers in the
97% in support of Trump, so apparently he's got his groove back. Having said that he is exactly
where he needs to be and where we need him, as Georgia’s 9th District Congressman, not a
Senator. He can challenge for that job later if he wants it bad enough.

I also understand the only way a motivated Congressman can move up in the ranks of party
leadership is by donning the cloak of invisibility, toe the party line and allow one’s principles to
be suborned to the dark side. But, having said that we are realizing the Republican party is no
longer the party of Constitutional Conservatism but have become instead, an elected group of
privileged elites whose primary mission now appears is to protect the status quo or, the Deep
State. I admit to being puzzled by Rep. Collin’s rising star as an outspoken supporter of
President Trump, but that doesn’t qualify him to be our senator. I remain very skeptical.

Our soon to be ‘senior’ Senator David Perdue never held public office before he ran to replace
the retired Saxby Chambliss. But, he was a successful businessman, spoke to the electorate in
humble phrases, won the job and has not failed to satisfy. That he’s pro-Trump is an added
blessing. Successful folks like Perdue and hopefully, Kelly Loeffler are exactly what government
needs. They are both successful business leaders and Loeffler, like Perdue, does not carry the
baggage of having been a money grubbing politician and that can’t be bad.

Kelly Loeffler apparently stands high in the Governors estimation and I can’t see a single reason
why she should not have a shot at helping David Perdue and President Trump. Their primary
objective is to drain the swamp. In arriving at this assessment, I realize I break with the opinion
of Sean Hannity and saddle up with Eric Erickson. But, neither have I especially been a camp
follower of either. That’s why I write my own opinions in these essays. Let’s support Gov. Kemp!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Yes Virginia, There Is A Deep State


The secret is out. No longer is it a mere lunatic theory of the ‘Vast Right Wing Conspirators,”
there does exist a “Deep State” within the body politic of the Federal Government.
The Democrat party, in their zeal to reverse the 2016 election of Donald Trump over their
champion the corrupt Hillary Clinton, have proven it. The screwballs of the Radical Left, over the
better advice of their leader, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, convinced her to pursue the removal of the
illegitimate president Donald Trump using the only strings of power in their control, the House
majority, to accuse the President of crimes their own party members have committed.

The pursuit by the radical Leftist to undo the 2016 election hinged upon a sad, expensive, two
year investigation of the Presidents supposed nefarious activities vis a vis the Russians, by an
appointed special prosecutor of unimpeachable integrity, Robert Mueller. For the Democrats,
sadly, that investigation produced no evidence whatsoever, ruining instead Mr. Mueller’s
undeserved reputation after his pitiful showing at the Democrat House Judiciary Committee
hearing chaired by the radical dufus, Rep. Jerry Nadler.

Nadler's fumbling of his charge to unseat Trump was then passed to the House Intelligence
Committee chaired by the equally demented Adam Schiff. Schiff’s own hand picked witnesses
schiffted on him when their testimony unequivocally confirmed a Deep State does indeed, exist.
First was Lt. Col. Vindman who testified: he was concerned over “influencers promoting a false
narrative of Ukraine inconsistent with the consensus views of the interagency.” One wonders, is
‘Interagency Consensus’ a definition of Deep State? You bet it does!

Vindman earned high praise from the leftist media with his hearsay evidence that President
Trump had committed serious offenses with his phone call to the new President of the Ukraine.
It was Vindman’s opinion that president Trump was “shifting U.S. policy away from providing
offensive weapons to the Ukrainian government!” Vindman iced the cake with this comment:
“While my interagency colleagues and I were becoming increasingly optimistic on Ukraine’s
prospects, this (The President’s) alternative narrative undermined U.S. government efforts to
expand cooperation with Ukraine.” How dare he (Trump) try to interfere with our foreign policy
mission. Wow, a mere Lt. Col. takes umbrage with the policy decisions of the elected president
of the United States? I can tell ou right now, that a Lt. Col would never, without the assured
backing of his State Dept. superiors, ever contemplate such a treasonous act against his
Commander-in-Chief. Never!

Secondly, Schiff Witness and Vindman’s boss Fiona Hill of the National Security Council Staff,
threw in the 2017 “Intelligence Community Assessment” a product of former CIA director John
Brennan, asserting that Russia’s President Putin and his FSB sought to affect U.S. foreign
policy in Europe, including in Ukraine. Mueller couldn’t prove it. So, the deep state feels the

Who decides U.S. foreign policy anyway? Apparently not president Trump according to Fiona
Hill. In fact, she told Congress that, “If the president, or anyone else, impedes or subverts the
national security of the United States in order to further domestic political or personal interests,
that is more than worthy of your attention.” Hill asserted also, “that the president has no right to
change U.S. foreign policy.” Wow, Yes Virginia, there is a deep state! Her boss, John Bolton was
a crypto deep stater too and that’s why he’s gone. It’s called Trump draining the swamp.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution its the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Conspiracy Theories, True or Not?


I’m not into conspiracy theories and generally won’t support them because at what point does a
meeting or telephone conversation become a conspiracy and against whom? Politically, its only
the Democrats who come unhinged when President Trump conducts the country’s business and
who take umbrage against his foreign policy decisions. Indeed, everything he has done and
intends to do is fair game.

In any business, and government is a business even though it operates at a loss, when things
don’t get done to the CEO’s design, then the reasons for the obfuscations must be found out
and corrected. In Government, his employment decisions especially apply to appointees, his
and the previous administrations, whose continued presence constitutes a danger to the new
administrations success including ambassadors, Cabinet Secretaries and US Attorney’s.

In our federal government it is mostly the unknown, unseen, unelected, deeply embedded
bureaucratic desk occupiers of multiple agencies, doing what they have always done, spend tax
payers money, who ignore White House memos directing change, or tweak intended policy
ideas to rob them of their intended purpose, the Deep State if you will, at work.

To call that sort of stuff a conspiracy might get a writer laughed off the pages. But as we see the
Democrat dementia grow in near hysterical madness while the disjointed Democratic leadership
continues to throw themselves against the rock and shoals of certifiable impeachment lunacy,
the true extent of a conspiracy, by the Democrats, can no longer be denied. From the moment
of Trumps inauguration, “The Resistance” clarion call was trumpeted to all loyal Obamaite’s and
that’s the battle cry of a true Conspiracy intent on altering an election.

Americans expect due process and fair play. Adam Schiff (D-Ca.) has swept all that off the
table. On with the inquisition. Torquemada would have been proud. Schiff is reluctant to resort to
torture because at the moment, all the witness are his witnesses, pre-coached by the Schiff staff
team and as we have seen, their testimony still incapable of carrying Schiff’s desired response
across the goal line to either his or the public’s satisfaction. He doesn’t recognize the difference.

This Schiff show trial is getting weary boring in fact, as polls shown a declining viewership
almost after the first hour of the first day. It’s the old adage” If a tree falls in the woods and
nobody hears it, does it still make a noise? Schiff (enter another cliche here) ”keeps changing
the goal posts” over Trumps phone call to the Ukrainian president from “He did something
wrong” to “Quid Pro Quo,” to “Bribery" and now “No ethical Compass.” Talk about confusion!

First hand, corroborated evidence, is required to make any charge stick. How many people were
on that phone call? How many have been called as witnesses. So far only Obama’s appointees
or lackey’s have been subpoenaed or volunteered to give evidence and they were all “hearsay”
witnesses: “I heard he said, she said” sort of thing. That simply won’t do especially when the
phone call transcript has been made public. Has it been introduced as evidence? Nope!

Americans are getting a first hand view of a future totalitarian government at work if the
Socialists Democrats every come to power again. Listening to the demented blithering of
Democrat candidates about doing away with our 1st amendment rights under the guise of
politically incorrect “hate speech,” and doing away with our 2nd amendment right to bear arms
because they know they cannot succeed if the American people remained armed. Remember,
freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Send In The Clowns


The Spector of unfairness surrounding Schiff the Abdominal Showman, world’s greatest
spectacle, including lying and denying of real evidence, grows with each question that Chairman
Schiff allows Republicans to ask. It hangs over this failure of a show trial like snot out of a child’s
nose at winter time. It's there to be seen and cannot be ignored or denied.

The Democrats single-minded pursuit of changing the outcome of the 2016 election, and that’s
all this stupid exercise is, that saw their candidate Hillary Clinton lose, is driving them to the pit
of despair. I would bet even money that even now Nancy Pelosi, unless she’s totally afraid of
the ultra-left cabal of AOC’s witch claven, is planning how to get her party out of the snotty mess
they now find themselves stuck in and blame the Republicans for it. Remember the Democrats
motto: “Admit nothing, deny everything and blame somebody else.” Let’s send in the clowns.

Schiff’s star witness’s, in the first day’s public debacle, answered leading questions that were
still hearsay, inadmissible as evidence, that no prosecutor would take to trial. Schiff’s star
witnesses, Ambassador Wm. Taylor and state dept. official George Kent, there to testify,
hopefully, as first hand witnesses (best evidence) to the alleged Presidential crimes, gave
answer that, to even the most casual observer, were not evidence at all, but smacked of hurt
feelings by Deep State bureaucrats being cut out of the diplomatic process by the President
using “back channels.” Diplomats do not set policy, the President does. It is not in a diplomats
job description to avert, delay, stymie or deflect Presidential policy because they don’t like it.
Their solution is the resign.

Back channel negotiations may sound ominous but they’re not, really. Remember when Obama
told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, and captured on an open mic., to “tell Vladimir (Putin)
that he (Obama) would have more flexibility after the election.” That’s back channel. Nobody in
the media thought it treasonous or even outrageous.

Without doubt, President Trump is so “fed up with all the crookedness and corruption that he
wanted Ukraine to investigate the 2016 elections“ and, “the Dems. are doing their best to tie that
to Joe Biden being a contender for 2020. It’s actually a turn of the tables because Joe Biden’s
comments about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired for investigating a corrupt energy company
upon whose board his drug addled son, Hunter Biden, sits at a salary of $50,000. per month.
Biden’s taped comments, according to the Democrats, don’t rise to the level of extortion, but
Trump’s do? Trump has been on the receiving end of all this nonsense from the beginning of
his term. Being the fighter he is, he wants to go on the offensive and turn the tables on the
Marxist who are pursuing him. That will occur if this circus show goes to the Senate for trial.

Thus far, there is no bipartisan support to impeach the president. It’s a democrat one way show
trip to the trash pit. Mitch McConnell can, upon one senatorial resolution to dump the trial as a
waste of time, dump it, or go forward and waste our time calling the Republican’s list of
witnesses, including Hunter Biden, Adam Schiff for Brains, the “leaker,” Obama’s creatures in
the FBI, DIA, CIA, IRS, and NSA. to provide evidence under oath.

The significant thing is, the Democrats will not listen to or accept evidence contrary to their
belief that Trump’s presidency is illicit, the voters were duped, and Hillary should be President.
That’s where all this is headed. An exercise in futility. They know Trump will be re-elected.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Dementia on View


Our American founders purposely divided representative government into three parts, the
Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial, and each have their constitutional roles to play in
making government work. It was the founding father James Madison who observed that “the
epitome of tyranny is the combination of the executive, legislative and judicial functions in a
single branch.” That is the goal the Democrat party now desperately see’s slipping away from
them so long as Donald Trump remains President. What to do? First, go berserk!

The Democrat Party no longer is a champion of the rule of law or the US Constitution, but have
shown themselves wholeheartedly, thanks to Barak Obama, to be champions of Marxism. That
word, “Marxism” Democrats have camouflaged under the moniker of “Progressivism.” The main
point of American governance of the two party system, has always been Constitutional, until the
Marxists usurped the Democrat party changing it into a ‘socialist’ organism. Their next goal is to
move their political message forward into Marxist style socialism. When Americans finally figure
out they’ve been scammed, that will inevitably change into totalitarism. The people will have to
be beaten back into submission.

This socialist campaign was working until Donald J. Trump appealed to Americans, showing
them the declining America the Democrats have already brought us. Consequently,Trump beat
‘em at the vote. It was never ever conceivable in their plan to lose the 2016 election. That would
have been the lock on a dim future for America. Now, the popular “Trump Derangement
Syndrome" reverberates in the media every time her highness, Hillary Clinton, opens her mouth.
The change of governments in our two party system has heretofore always been peaceful if not
complained about by the losing side. But, for one party to absolutely refuse to accept the vote
results because they thought the fix was in for their candidate, exposes their un-American
derangement making them dangerous and, as we increasingly see on American streets, violent.

To attempt to remove the Presidential winner by stealth, fraud and trickery, using the subterfuge
of false flags to generate official investigations, by developing phony reports, the illegal
interceptions of communications (i.e.: wire tapping), enlisting fake witnesses under the equally
false flag of “whistleblower,” and out and out cheating by discredited federal law enforcement
agencies, seriously smacks of treason.

Failing all their other attempts to remove or discredit the President, even as he fulfills his
election promises, they turn to yet another creative scam, the phone call between two
presidents a “leaker” allegedly thought was bribery, when in truth, it focuses all eyes on the real
culprit of bribery, Democrat candidate, sleepy Joe Biden and his untalented son, Hunter.

The sham kangaroo court act the demented House Democrats are performing, under the one
sided leadership of Adam Schiff for brains, fails to rise to the level of fairness that American’s
expect. We’re not stupid! These one-sided hearings shows a desperation by the losing
Democrats to save Joe Biden’s reputation, deny the truth of Joe’s own recorded admission he
made threats by bribery to remove a prosecutor, and using his political influence to provide a
standard of living for his useless son Hunter, he has grown to expect. It’s the standard
Democrat MO: “Deny everything, admit nothing and blame somebody else,” even when it has
been seen on TV over and over again. Now is not the time for the GOP to weaken. It’s time for a
new strategy, attack, attack, attack!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Who’s the Genius Here?


There are two dimensions of the Deep State, the corrupt elected politicians who enrich
themselves at the trough of taxpayer beneficence, and the bureaucrats who actually run the
government and are addicted to the power of their sinecures. These people sit quietly at their
desks pulling the levers of action, enacting rules and regulations to fleece the American citizen
out of even more of their own money and when necessary, dispatching the law enforcement
arms of the federal government to enforce their edicts. Don’t forget Waco, Ruby Ridge, the
Bundy Ranch stand-off and Elian Gonzales to name just four.

Where is the Congress in all of this? Why, enriching themselves like the Clintons and clueless
Joe Biden and his son Hunter have so clearly shown us. Quite apart from the two faces of the
Deep State, the question remains, why are these hidden Deep State creatures so active in
thwarting the plans of President Trump? The answer lies in they’re losing their “Power!”

The radical “Left” claims Trump as an amateur, is totally bereft of foreign policy experience that
should be left to the professionals. They characterize his decision to pull a small number of US
troops out of harms way along the Turkey-Syrian border, as an example of a wicked betrayal
against the Kurds, our allies against ISIS, when in fact Trump displayed a level of diplomatic
cunning far above these Deep State elites who believe it’s their decisions to make.

Consider the genius of his move: By pulling a small number of our troops away from the
Turkish-Syrian border, and not stopping Turkey, our NATO Ally from invading Syria and
assaulting the Kurds, he caused the Russians to quickly send an envoy to Damascus to
negotiate a deal to unite the Kurds (PPK) and Syrian government against Turkey, a NATO ally.
In doing so, he really upset Iran’s Mullah’s not happy the Turks are pushing into Syria, even a
little ways, even beyond the Syrian border. Now, Germany, an uninvolved NATO ally, hits
Turkey with sanctions. Trump has successfully divided the enemy who were happy to stand
united against the US as long as we were there, and at a stroke, turned these former allies
against each other and it didn’t cost us anything. The Deep State elites went berserk!

Remember, Russia’s Intelligence Service alerted Turkish President Erdogan of the developing
Army coup against him? Suddenly Russia is now Turkeys friend, with Turkey purchasing
Russia’s new SAM 400 missile system but losing the US F-35’s. So, while Turkey, Iran, Russia
and Syria were united against the US, the Europeans were not, enjoying the fact that the U.S.
was, defacto, protecting their interest. All that changed at a stroke. Now, what to do with

Israel was given a relief period from Iran’s depredations including moving hoards of war
supplies, troops and missiles into Syria. Now, Iran has to defend Syria against Turkey instead of
focusing on driving Israel into the sea, leaving Israel’s three main enemies, Iran, Turkey and
Syria facing off against each other. Turkey’s invasion is going to be very expensive for them.
In the end, Trump’s withdrawal feint brought some level of common unity between Syria and the
Kurds while at the same time opening troubling cracks in the apparent wall of solidarity between
Russia, Turkey and Iran. Today, Iraqi tribes are in revolt over the Iranian Mullah’s growing
influence in their country. Tell me the “elites” in the State Department or the DoD, could have
seen this one coming! I don’t think so. Trump continues to demonstrate a level of genius the
Deep State elites simply fail to realized.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Descent into Disarray


I’m not sure if what we see and hear from the Democrats right now is some clever new stratagem designed to amaze and mystify us if not deceive us outright, or might be the manifestation of the realities of life, that nobody wants to hear them anymore. Mass shootings and other social disasters are like iron filings to magnets for the media and the Democrats trying to find some plausible reason to impeach President Trump they can sell to voters.

Of course stories that don’t fulfill their narrative, like the mass murders going on daily in Chicago’s black neighborhoods, are ignored. Murders committed by illegal immigrants already kicked out of America multiple times, are excused for some socially touchy excuse.

This score of Democrats campaigning to replace Donald Trump, are like freaks in a midway sideshow. They tell blatant lies so often that they actually start believing them themselves. The Democrat party has no platform that Americans could rally around, but they have twenty different offerings, all sounding the same theme, ‘get rid of Trump, get rid of guns, abandon your religious beliefs and trust us,’ that not only confuses people, but bores ‘em to death as well. Think “tune out.” Speaking of religious beliefs, if Islam refuses to neutralize their beliefs, and Democrats refuse to chastise them, why then should Christians even consider neutralizing the teachings of Christ? Think about that one.

The Democrats pursuit of Trump is in disarray. What happened to “Mueller?” Two years of wasted money and time only to proved that Donald Trump was right all along. Only Jerry Nadler, the nimrod Democrat committee chairman, still believes there’s hope that the discredited Muller investigation, that treasonous exercise by the Deep States FBI, DoJ and the CIA to overthrow the President, might still contain some fragment of evidence the could sweep Trump from office. He’s delusional and there’s evidence enough to call the ‘white coat detail’ to escort him from his seat as chairman to the nut house. Adam Schiff has already turned cold on Mueller.

To be sure, the Democrat Party of JFK, no longer exists. Today’s party, however they want to call themselves, are dangerous because they’re now openly communist in their philosophies, fascist in their pronouncements and delusional in their beliefs. Americans are in no way Marxist oriented, except perhaps, for the recent graduates from our Marxist infested colleges filling our voter rolls. Where does the Left’s Shock Troops, the black clad Antifa’s, come from? Do they act for the Democrat like Hisbollah and Hamas does for Iran? Just asking!

Apart from lacking ideas, the Democrat Party has become the party of excuses because they have no solutions except first, they need to regain power so they can make society fair by leveling the playing field so that all citizens, rich and poor alike, can suffer equally like we see in Venezuela right now. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? The Democrats are in disarray and are intent on taking the rest of us down with them.

But enough of disarray, how about corruption? Once, it took old time politicians several years in congress to become corrupt and amass the wealth that made them millionaires in retirement. Radical activist AOC, a pole dancing socialist bar tender, inside of one year as a freshman congress-woman, has already skimmed off more than a million dollars in campaign donations to satisfy her lust for fine living. Well, reportedly, her Chief of Staff, author of the Green New Deal, actually did it but the buck stops with her. It does for everybody else.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (14Aug19)


Mueller’s Coup: “Losing an illusion Makes Us Wiser Than Finding a Truth.”


The final word on the circus that was Mueller’s testimony, that can be safely taken away after yesterdays Democrat debacle, is that Trump won and Hillary didn’t. The Democrats are in serious damage control but, their ship is still sinking. It’s over and cannot be undone.

If nothing else, at the very least we have learned that Robert Mueller, simply by his ineptness and lack of knowledge of anything in the report that bears his name, by even it’s kindest interpretation, must be considered a co-conspirator of the Clinton cabals treasonous attempt to bring down Donald Trump and end the Trump presidency. 

This is because he agreed to lend his good name and reputation as a front to the plotters and their nefarious scheme that by all accounts has collapsed as a dismal failure. In fact, the Mueller Investigation itself should be lumped into the total picture of a treasonous “coup” against President Trump started by the machinations of the Clinton campaign and the DNC using US counterintelligence laws as cover to commit their crimes.  

After the day long embarrassing spectacle at the two Congressional hearings, the spin by media light weights, CNN and MSNBC, was breathtaking, both in their positive conclusions for proving Trump should be impeached and denial that things went as bad for them as it did. Wisely, many individual left-wing media reporters did acknowledged the worst for the Democrats.  

But, the show must go on, so publicly congratulating themselves for their efforts, the Democrats like drowning men grasping at straws are awash in their own lies but they don’t care. Their actions and reactions should qualify the TDS crowd as truly mentally challenged, but most certainly as dangerous risks to the public who does not support them.

The worst of this two and a half year exercise in treason was that the coup plotters are known, all of them. Their motives have been revealed and their scheme(s) thwarted. What remains is for Attorney General Barr to start the last round-up, corral these cretans for federal branding, impanel Grand Juries and start the needed repairs by public trials.  

Mueller acted as a shameless figurehead for the shadowy coup plotters hiding behind the pretense of personal dignity for which he was esteemed. For two plus years, Americans held their breaths under the common idea that Mueller, a Republican, a combat decorated marine officer, a long serving and capable member of the Dept. of Justice and honest Director of the FBI, stood sacrosanct in his reputation for truth Justice and the American way. But alas, “losing an illusion makes us wiser than finding a truth.”

Expect detailed examinations into Mueller’s work history. Causal inquiries have already revealed flaws in his form of applying Justice that adversely impacted innocent people beyond those affected in this particular investigation. Time is long and Justice never dies. 

Mueller set his own course and it led him astray. I do not feel sorry for him. He’s pathetic and must understand that a good reputation once sullied, is sullied forever. I expect his next gig, if not in a court room as a defendant, will be at a “comic-con” convention somewhere. Let us hope so. This was an evil, tawdry business and for Mueller, an imbroglio that cannot be defended. His ratiocination skills, if his testimony was any evidence, left him long ago. Sad. Very sad.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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